about us

Biographies of those involved


Thornhall Chalet Proprietor;

Pilates &  Yoga teacher,  practitioner,

Mindfullness facilitator

NIA instructor – Classic and M2H

Power Plate certified Instructor,


Pilates experience and teaching for over 10 years

My love of Pilates developed into Instructing after years of using Pilates as a tool to enable me to cope with a busy work / home schedule.

I continue to work with myself and my clients to maintain a strong and flexible body and an open mind

The APPI  (Australian Physiotherapist Pilates Institute) method is a method specifically practiced by Physiotherapists and is a rehabilitation and prevention orientated Pilates method. .

This method will help you  develop  controlled movements, strengthening  and lengthening your body with a strong CORE

The practice focuses the mind and helps you to find that bit of YOU time we all need

I look forward to welcoming you to Thornhall Chalet  for your holiday, and encourage you to sample our classes, workshops and retreats;

Pilates, Yoga, mindfullness

NIA & PowerPlate,

We are happy to build a plan of  any of our services to fit in with your holiday if you would like to contact us with your requests in advance.

I Look forward to welcoming you to your  Retreat time



The Yoga

I have continued on my personal journey of well-being, learning to undo my body’s tensions, aches, and inflexibilites and discover new strengths and ease (awareness?).   I have found this way of practising yoga to be deeply therapeutic physically, mentally and emotionally.

This style of hatha yoga is often referred to as  “Scaravelli-inspired”, after the late Vanda Scaravelli – an Italian lady who pioneered this way of working.    It brings a sense of aliveness to the spine,  restoring vitality through the whole body.  It is passed on by direct experience rather than any fixed method or instructions,  so each teacher brings their own unique style and discoveries to the teachings which stay joyfully alive.

This yoga is helpful to people of all ages and fitness levels and is especially appropriate for the elderly and those who are working with disabilities.   We take the body we have in front of us and work with what we see, allowing people to access their body in a different way – working ‘with’ the body rather than ‘against’ it.

Forget any fixed image of what a yoga posture looks like!  We may move around or we may simply sit or lie down.  Movements may be tiny.  We work on creating a little more space in and around the joints, bones and muscles which softens unnecessary tensions and encourages us to listen to our bodies.   We learn how our bodies love to breathe,  practising from a soft, quiet place.   Sometimes only working with the breath is enough.  Freed from the mental stress of trying too hard, the body shows us an easier, (more fluid, child-like?) way of moving and offers a natural refreshing restfulness.

It is extremely difficult to describe what I do but it is remarkable how the body responds to movement when working at a deeper level,  helping to nurture and increase our overall health and vitality.


A percentage of all profits is donated to Maggie’s and other nominated Charities