A Holiday Cottage In Moray

Thornhall Chalet is surrounded by tall trees

Explore Moray From This Holiday Cottage

You get some idea of how secluded this holiday cottage is as you approach it – you can’t see Thornhall Chalet until you’re right on top of it.  Surrounded by beautiful high hedgerows on three sides, with even higher Scots Pines beyond.

A spacious garden rolls out like an apron, offering space for the kids to play or adults to stroll.

Secluded gardens at the Moray holiday cottage

Hedges and trees surround your holiday cottage

Where Does Your Holiday Start?

For each of us, the holiday starts in a different way:  The kids will run straight outdoors to explore (of course they can play their Playstation, but that’s better kept for rainy days isn’t it?); Mum and Dad will probably flop onto the cosy couch having driven through the beautiful Scottish countryside, but to a constant chorus of, “are we there yet?” After a little spot of unpacking before deciding on the local pub, restaurant or take away for the first holiday meal. Maybe the choice would be to open that nice bottle of Chianti with your favourite home cooked meal or local take-away.  That wine will taste especially nice as you curl up in front of the warm log fire.. and don’t forget your best friend “Rover” can join you in this lovely cottage that welcomes pets – just give us a call!

Why Book A Holiday Cottage?

…and especially one in Moray?

There are two reasons – Relaxation and Choice.

You see, enjoying your holiday in a nice holiday cottage like Thornhall Chalet will come down to these two factors.

Relaxing in this holiday cottage is easy to do.  The beds cosset and support, there are plenty of soft, plush easy chairs to spread out in and of course it’s easy to prepare your meals as you wish.  On top of this, there’s all the fresh air you need (it either whooshes in from the sea or flows over the Highlands and Cairngorm mountains to get to you).  Relaxing at Thornhall holiday cottage is quite literally a breeze.

Culbin Forest

Culbin Forest – an easy walk from your holiday cottage

Choice is equally important.  Whether you’re visiting Moray for a short, two day break or for a week, you’ll be looking for interesting things to see and do.  You’ll find plenty within easy driving distance of Thornhall holiday cottage.  Indeed, you’ll even find a few within walking distance!

There’s the Distillery Trail, where you can find out all about Scotch Whisky.  Many distilleries offer fascinating tours, some of which end up with a tasting session, so you need to make sure you know who’s driving home!

The wildlife in the Moray area is also spectacular.  The Moray Firth itself is noted for its dolphin population, but you’ll be able to see many more species if you explore inland.  From red squirrels to Ospreys (at the right time of year).

If you like your outdoor sports, Moray is the ideal holiday location for you.  This region regularly hosts Orienteering competitions, and is a favourite for mountain bikers.  You’ll also find plenty of high quality golf courses in the area.  For example Nairn (just a few miles along the road) has hosted the Walker Cup.  So if you want to test your golfing skills against some of the finest courses in the country, this is a good place to visit.

Add to this some of the most wonderful fresh food you’ll find in any part of Scotland (Moray is a farming community first and foremost).  Which means part of your exploration can be hunting down the ingredients for your dinner.  You can only really get the most out of all this if you base yourself in a self catering cottage.

And this holiday cottage in Moray fits the bill exactly!

How To Book Your Holiday Cottage in Moray

To find out more about prices and availability please click here.

You can choose from a short, two night holiday cottage break for £225; a 3 night weekend holiday cottage break for £275; a four night midweek holiday cottage break for £325 or a full 7 day break in a Moray holiday cottage for £590.

The choice is yours!  When would you like to visit?