Moray Firth in “World Top 12” Coastlines

Your Holiday Next To A Beautiful Coastline – Official!

The coastline of the Moray Firth has been named in the top 12 of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled coastlines.

The National Geographic Travel Magazine, no less, described the Moray Firth coastline as, “A popular vacation spot for more than a century…” and goes on to proclaim “outstanding cliff scenery” and “pretty coastal villages”.

Of course, Thornhall Chalet holiday cottage is just a short walk away from the Moray Coast, so we already knew how lovely it is around here.  It’s just nice to have our opinions validated by such an august publication.

Take a stroll through Culbin Forest and you’ll find yourself on one of the beaches the Travel Magazine loved so much.  Keep strolling and you can have lunch in Findhorn – a village with a long and fascinating history as a trading port in the days when there were regular sailings down the coast to London.  No steam, just sail.

So if you’re looking for a holiday near the picturesque Moray Coast, Thornhall Chalet is just the place for you!

And just to let you see how gorgeous your holiday could be, here are the other global coastlines in the final 18…  As you can see, we’re in amongst pretty exalted company!

The top 18 coastlines are:

1. Newfoundland: Avalon Peninsula

2. Wales: Pembrokeshire Coast

3. New Zealand: Tutukaka Coast

4. Chile: Chilean Fjords

5. Hawaii: Na Pali Coast

6. Oman: Batinah Coast

7. British Columbia: Gulf Islands

8. Nova Scotia: South Shore

9. Australia. Broome

10. Argentina: Valdés Peninsula

11. Scotland: Moray Firth Coast, Inverness to Peterhead

12. Italy. Cinque Terre

13. Namibia: Skeleton Coast

14. Cook Islands

15. New Zealand: Great Barrier Island

16. Georgia: Sea Islands

17. Oregon: Oregon coast

18. Prince Edward Island